Best Ukulele For Beginners Under $70

The ukulele is cool again. Maybe it’s because of Kate Micucci on scrubs singing “Screw You“, Garfunkel and Oates, or maybe it’s the economy (ukuleles can offer a lot of fun for the money a little money and are much easier to take a ). Whatever the reason, the the number of people of want to learn the ukulele have increased. With the holiday season here, there will be a lot of people looking to buy an ukulele for beginners. Most new ukulele players are looking to get their first ukulele for as cheap as possible. However, choosing the best ukulele for beginners can be difficult. This article will discuss three of the most popular ukuleles for under $60.

The cheapest of these ukuleles is about $35 and that’s really about as low as you want to go. Cheap ukuleles are really toys and not instruments. If you buy something much cheaper it won’t sound good and that can be very discouraging.

All of the below ukuleles are highly recommended in the ukulele community for the their respective prices. They won’t sound as good as a $300 ukulele, but will be good enough to get you started and if you upgrade later you can keep these as backups to take to the beach.

The Makala Dolphin

The Makala Dolphin is about as cheap as you can go for a decent ukulele. It comes in several colors, is extremely hardy, and still makes a good sound. Not something that is easy to do. This ukulele is especially good for children.


The Kala KA-S

The Kala KA-S is a Mohagony laminate ukulele that is known for having a great sound compared to it’s relatively low price. It isn’t quite as cheap as the Dolphin, but it is also a bit nicer.


The Lanikai LU-21

Very comparable to the Kala, this ukulele is also a great choice for the money. The two are priced about the same and even look very similar. The choice between the two comes down to personal preference. I have heard great things about Lanikai’s customer service.