Ukulele For Beginners: Relax

Once you have learned to hold your ukulele properly, do a correct strum, and play some basic chords, you can start thinking about about how you are hitting the strings and exactly where you are touching the frets. So here is my ukulele for beginners tip: Relax. Not only will you be able to play better, but you will also be able to practice longer and you’ll have more fun.

Recently, I have been learning to play “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars. It uses a more difficult type of strum than I had practiced previously. Basically, you only press the chords when you strum and then you let go. When I first started learning, I would get tired very soon and the sound wasn’t that great.

The person who was teaching me, told me that if I hit the strings too hard the sound wasn’t as good as a more relaxed strum. Since I was so tight I couldn’t relax my hand, or play from the wrist as I should. It also caused me to move my arm too much.

However, he said that I played much better, when I wasn’t serious and wasn’t focused on the ukulele (like when I was strumming while talking to someone). I stopped caring about trying to get it right and let my hands take over. I couldn’t focus on the ukulele because I was focused on talking with someone else.

Once I realized this I was able to relax and just go with the rhythm. My hand really started loosening up and I have been able to play longer without getting tired.

So today’s ukulele for beginners tip is practice sometimes when you are doing something else. Talk to someone, watch tv, or go for a walk while playing. It will take your mind of the ukulele and let your hands do the work.