Learn to Play the Ukulele More Often

One of the key components to learning to play the ukulele for beginners is frequency. The more often you play, the better you will get. It’s no mystery. The more practice you get the quicker you learn and the more frequent you practice the less you “forget” in between each session. So if you are wanting to play more, but for some reason just don’t, then this might help you.

Get your ukulele out of the case.

This last September I bought two brand new ukuleles for my wife and I. However, once we got them home, I was barely playing my ukulele at all. I barely touched it. It spent most of the time in it’s case hanging on the wall. I was however, playing my wife’s ukulele nearly everyday.

The difference was that my wife’s ukulele was always sitting on the table, but mine was locked away in it’s case. Those few extra steps of getting it out kept me from using my own ukulele. I felt I needed to take action. I mean, I didn’t want my brand new ukulele to just sit in it’s case.

So I decided to make an ukulele hanger, so that I we could hang both ukuleles on the wall. They would be out of the way, but also in plain sight and easy to get to. The ukulele holder was easy to make (I used mostly materials I had) and it looks pretty good too. It’s sits over the TV so the ukuleles are always in view.

The result? I now play my ukulele not only once a day, but in most cases several times a day. It is so easy to pull it off the rack and play a few chords or a couple songs, that I do it every chance I get. I highly recommend it.