10 More Ukuleles For Beginners Under $200

Yesterday I posted an article and video  talking about 10 Ukuleles for Beginners under $200. Since not all of us have the ability to get to a good music store to test out and listen to various ukuleles, hearing as many as possible in a video can be very helpful. Yesterdays video showcased 10 different ukuleles under the $200 range.

In case you missed it, you can find that video here: ukulele for beginners.

However, that video only showed 10 ukuleles for sale under the $200 mark and there are many more. So if you didn’t find anything you like in the last video, here is another video of 10 ukuleles under $200.

These are all pretty good ukuleles, but on ukulele underground, a forum all about ukuleles, the Islanders seem to get very high praise. Many say that it sounds as good as many much higher priced ukuleles. As a bonus you get to see some pretty amazing playing as well.

If you aren’t sure what size of ukulele to get or would like a little more information on brands then please check out the two following links.

Ukulele for Beginners

Ukulele Brands

The title of this blog is ukulele for beginners, but most of these ukuleles are probably just fine for intermediate and advanced as well. Most advanced players will generally purchase something more expensive, but as I stated earlier, many claim that some of these sound nearly as good as ukuleles that are much more expensive.

Here is the complete list of ukuleles they show in this video:

0:08 Kala KA-SEM 0:48 Islander MS-4 1:14 Leolani Soprano 1:43 Kala KA-SC 2:23Cordoba 20-CM 2:48 Luna Maluhai 3:33 Islander MT-4 4:05 Cordoba 20TM 4:28Kala Ka-ST 4:57 Cordoba 20BM

10 Ukuleles For Beginners Under $200

Over the last few years, ukuleles have grown in popularity. However, even if you are lucky enough to live in an area with a music store, the chance the chance that they carry a good selection of ukuleles is pretty low. Now obviously you want your first ukulele to be a good one. To get a good beginner ukulele you are most likely going to need to spend over a $100. However, there are a couple of decent starter ukuleles in the $60-$70 range as well.

The way the ukulele looks is important, but the most important part of choosing a good ukulele for beginners is the way it sounds. Not only that the ukulele has a good sound, but that it is the kind of sound you like. Ukuleles made of different types of wood will tend to sound different as will ukuleles made by different makers. The best ukulele for you will depend on the type of sound and music you like. If you tend to play Hawaiian music, then you will probably want a more traditional sounding ukulele than if you were playing rock.

So how do you find that perfect ukulele? If you have a music store that has ukuleles in stock, then check them out and play them. You may find that some are easier for you to play than others and you might get some very helpful information from the staff. However, there are a lot of music stores that carry ukuleles, but aren’t necessarily knowledgable about them.

If you don’t have a local music store around, then the next best thing is to listen to the ukuleles online. A quick search on YouTube will usually allow you to listen to various people playing various ukuleles. The problem is that the sound can vary by the tuning, the person, the camera, etc. Ideally you want the same person playing all the ukuleles back to back with the same equipment.

Luckily, Hawaiian Music Supply has made just that video where they compare 10 good ukuleles for under $200. You can listen to them back to back and they are all taken with the same video camera.

Ukulele For Beginners: Practice Time

Since I started to learn the ukulele, one of the most common things I hear is “I would love to learn the ukulele, but I am not talented at music” or “I don’t have any natural ability”. As if those who can play are born with some kind of gift. People always tend to ignore the countless hours that people put in to learn. It’s true that some people learn quicker than others, but the bottom line is that everyone has to put in the work.

I think this is especially true when playing the ukulele for beginners. There is a lot for your hands, mind, and mouth have to coordinate. If just one of them is out of sync the song won’t quite work.

When you first start learning the ukulele there are two things to consider about your practice schedule; length and frequency. They are both important. If you don’t put in enough hours each week, then you won’t gain the muscle skills and flexibility that you need to play well. However, if you only practice once a week, even for several hours, your body will forget a lot of what you have learned by the next time you play. It’s always kind of like two steps forward, one step back.

I am still pretty new at the ukulele (this is ukulele for beginners), but I think at least 30 minutes to hour is necessary. I find that it usually takes me that long to start feeling comfortable with my ukulele and to get my fingers start working well. So, an hour or more everyday.

Having said that however, if you can’t spare an hour, it is always best to pick up the ukulele for even five minutes and play.

When I am learning a new song on the ukulele, I will learn the chords and then I can practice anywhere. When I am talking to someone on the phone, when I am watching TV, etc. The more I practice the less I have to think about it.

One trick I have found is to leave my ukulele out in the open. If I leave it in it’s bag or put it out of the way, I am much less likely to think about it. If you leave your ukulele out in the open, it’s much easier to pick up and play at any time.

Just remember that learning comes down to hard (but fun) work and not just natural talent.

Ukulele For Beginners


Learn Ukulele

Maybe you watched an ukulele video on YouTube, went to Hawaii, or you want to play an instrument and decided to learn ukulele. The ukulele is an easy and VERY fun instrument to learn. There are difficult chords and songs, but I was able to play my first song after about an hour of practice. Was I any good? No, but I could play well enough to sing a long and for others to make out the song.

So, now that you are ready to learn the Ukulele where how do you get started.

Buy an Ukulele

Without one it is pretty difficult to play. Cheap ukuleles will generally start around $20-$30, but you will probably want to stay away from those. They won’t sound good and might put you off playing. You want something decent enough that it will sound good when you play it. You can get a pretty good ukulele for around $75-$200 dollars. The two below links should help you choose the best ukulele for beginners: Buy Ukulele and Ukulele Brands.

Buy an Ukulele Tuner

Your ukulele just won’t sound right if it is out of tune. If you have a lot of experience with music and instruments then you might be able to tune it by ear. I had no experience, so I definitely needed the tuner. You can find them on ebay for around $10-$20 or at your local music shop. It doesn’t need to be anything super fancy. I actually have a program called clear tune that works just fine. and I think only cost me about $1.99. Some stores will include a tuner when you buy an ukulele so always check that first.

Ukulele For Beginners

Learn the ukulele basics. Learn how to hold the ukulele, how to strum it, and how to pick it. Check out this article for beginner ukulele videos: beginner ukulele

Choose a song

Of course you can just practice chords and finger picking, but I think that playing a song is much funner. That is the reason we want to learn the ukulele right? The first song I learned was E Huli Makou, which primarily only has 3 chords except for the last section. The fact that it was simple made it easy and fun to play. Which meant I kept at it and got better.

But it doesn’t have to be that song. A lot of songs are only a couple chords. Do a search on YouTube for the songs you like and add “ukulele” in your search. You will be surprised what’s available.

Good Luck!

Beginner Ukulele

The first time I picked up an ukulele and tried to play, it felt like I was using my hands for the first time. My fingers would constantly get tangled in the strings and doing a “smooth” strum was near impossible. In the end, all it really took was practice, but it is also good to have help. I was lucky enough to have a lot of people around me who already played the ukulele and were happy to give me pointers. However, I also used online resources quite a bit.

If you still need to buy an ukulele then please check out this page: BUY UKULELE or this page on Ukulele Brands.

If you have your ukulele in hand and are ready to start playing, then continue on.

There are literally thousands of ukulele tutorials and videos on everything from how to hold your ukulele (that wasn’t natural for me either) to how to strum and pick the ukulele.

The key to all of the information online is you. You need to put in the practice time to improve. It doesn’t matter how well you understand a technique, if you don’t practice you won’t get any better.  If you really want to learn the ukulele you need to practice, practice, practice….Did I mention practice?

Okay, so let’s start with some beginner ukulele videos

How to hold the ukulele

How to strum the ukulele, read tabs, and mute/chuck

Basic Finger Picking

These are some of the basic videos that are really helpful. Get playing and please leave any tips or comments you have in the comment section below.

Ukuleles For Sale

Now that you have read Ukulele for Beginners and all about ukulele brands you are ready to buy your first ukulele. So the next question is “what is the best place to buy an ukulele?” Especially in the last few years the ukulele seems to be making a come back and is getting more popular. The good thing is that there are a lot of places to find ukuleles for sale. The bad thing is that it is harder to choose the best ukulele, the best price, and the best ukulele store.

If you are new to ukuleles, then two common places to start looking are Ebay and Amazon. The reason is that you can see a lot of different ukuleles and different prices between different sellers. If you choose to purchase from either of these two you also have some insurance that if you aren’t happy you can get your money back or an exchange of some kind. However, there are a lot of ukuleles for sale and getting help or good advice from sellers on either of these sites can be very hit and miss. Also, there are a lot of really cheap ukuleles, but trust me, you will want to get something better.

If you are looking for a beginner ukulele then you are probably looking to spend under a couple hundred dollars. Since most ukuleles aren’t individually set up at this price range, you might want to choose a company who sets it up for you. Setup includes things like saddle and nut heights and intonation checks to make sure the instrument sounds it’s best. You don’t want to buy a nice ukulele that doesn’t sound great because it’s not setup correctly.

The point is to make sure you consider the whole package (ukulele, service, shipping, etc) before making your choice. If you have a local music store then check them out. The advantage is that you can actually test out the instruments. Depending on the knowledge and service that they have, they may even be the better overall deal. Knowledge can be worth a lot.

Lastly, ask for advice and recommendations. Check out the forums and review sites. If there are lots of people who recommend a certain store, then it is probably a pretty safe bet. You can also use the forum to help find local stores that you might not know about. You will be spending a lot of time with your new ukulele, so make sure you spend some time choosing the right one and the right place to buy it.

5 Reasons to Buy an Ukulele

Everyone loves the ukulele


I originally started Buy Ukulele For Beginners because I love to play the ukulele. I originally started playing because I had an ukulele in the house, and I was constantly attending various hula and ukulele events. I had been playing the sanshin (a traditional Okinawan instrument) for about two years, but wanted something that could play a little more standard music. The ukulele is small and very universal in what it can play. Since I have started playing the ukulele I have noticed some cool benefits. So I want to talk about 5 reasons you should buy an ukulele.

1. Cheap Ukuleles- Maybe you have been wanting to get into playing music for a long time, but never did because of the investment required. While I don’t necessarily recommend it, beginner ukuleles can be picked up for about $20. It won’t have the best sound, but it still lets you get started for almost nothing. Check out this guide on buying an ukulele.

2. Easy to learn- Ukulele only has 4 strings compared to a guitars six, and a lot of songs can be played with just three or four chords. I was able to play my first song after just an hour of practice. I didn’t hit all of the chords right every time, but how many instruments can you play after just an hour. Since I could play and sing along so soon, it meant that I was having fun. This meant I continued to play and get better. You can even find ukuleles lessons online.

3. Ukuleles are small- Because of there size you can play them anywhere. You can play while you watch TV or throw it in your car to take to the beach or the park. It’s easy to store anywhere, but since it’s so small, you can actually leave it out so it gets played more often. Have small hands? There is an ukulele for sale for you? Have large hands? Don’t worry, there is an ukulele available for you as well. Ukulele are also great for kids. Kids ukuleles are generally even less than regular ukuleles.

4. Anything can be played on the ukulele- Having played an instrument with a very particular sound, I realized how important this is. The ukulele is perfect for Hawaiian music, but it can also play just about anything else. If you can play it on the guitar, then you can play it on the ukulele. In addition, there are a lot of different types of ukuleles for sale. From traditional sounding ukuleles that are great for Hawaiian music, to baritone ukuleles which are tuned like a guitar. You can buy an ukulele to suite your tastes.

5. It makes people smile- I am a beginner, but I have had the chance to play in front of people and even with professionals. Everyone just loves to listen and to play. I think it’s because an ukulele is a little more light-hearted than a guitar or some other instruments. People are also surprised to see someone play the ukulele. We see a lot of performers playing the guitar, but it is only recently we are seeing people play the ukulele. People like it and it brings a smile to their face every time.

Ukulele For Beginners

Welcome to Buy Ukulele for Beginners. This site is is all about how to learn to play the ukulele and everything that goes a long with that. I realize there is a lot to learn when you first start learning the ukulele and it can all be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of questions, and making the wrong decision can take away from the fun.When you buy an ukulele should you get the cheapest one or the most expensive. What are the different types of ukuleles? Should you choose a song you like or start with something simple and work your way up? Where can you find instruction, learn ukulele chords and strums, learn to tune the ukulele, and find ukulele music?

I will writing about all of these things! But today I want to talk about how to choose an ukulele for beginners. Not all ukuleles are the same. I found this out the hard way.

So let’s talk about the types of ukuleles for sale. There are 4 main types: The soprano, the concert, the tenor, and the baritone.

The soprano is the smallest ukulele and is the one you most often see available for sale is regular stores or as toys. It has a traditional sound. This is what many beginners end up with because of the number of cheap sopranos on the market Since it is the smallest it tends to work good for women and kids and people with small hands. I don’t have big hands, but I found the soprano was difficult to play for me.

The concert Ukulele is a little larger than the soprano and tends to have a littler “larger” sound. It also tends to have a more traditional sound. However, if you have large hands this may still not be the ukulele for you.

The Tenor Ukulele is probably the most common one for pros and is larger than the concert ukulele. However, it does tend to have a little less of a traditional sound. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the type of music you want to play.

Lastly, the Baritone ukulele is the largest ukulele and is tuned different from the others. Basically it is tuned like the bottom four strings of a guitar. Because of this, it tends to have more or a guitar type sound.

So now that you have chosen which Ukulele to get, how much should you spend. It really depends on your commitment. If you aren’t sure or aren’t serious, I would say pick up a cheap one and play around with it. You can probably find one on Ebay for around $20. It will sound like crap, but it will give you an idea of whether or not you will continue. If you don’t stick with it you are only out $20.

If you think you will continue, then you will probably need to fork out at least around $100 to $150 for a pretty decent one. They also go way beyond this as well

Having started with a $30 Mahalo cheapie (basically a cheap kids ukulele), I was amazed at how much easier and better I could play on a decent one. It made playing much more fun and my fingers and hands didn’t get as tired playing.

Lastly, if you have a store near you, go check them out. Choose the one that fits your hands best and gives you the best sound.