Learn to Play the Ukulele More Often

One of the key components to learning to play the ukulele for beginners is frequency. The more often you play, the better you will get. It’s no mystery. The more practice you get the quicker you learn and the more frequent you practice the less you “forget” in between each session. So if you are wanting to play more, but for some reason just don’t, then this might help you.

Get your ukulele out of the case.

This last September I bought two brand new ukuleles for my wife and I. However, once we got them home, I was barely playing my ukulele at all. I barely touched it. It spent most of the time in it’s case hanging on the wall. I was however, playing my wife’s ukulele nearly everyday.

The difference was that my wife’s ukulele was always sitting on the table, but mine was locked away in it’s case. Those few extra steps of getting it out kept me from using my own ukulele. I felt I needed to take action. I mean, I didn’t want my brand new ukulele to just sit in it’s case.

So I decided to make an ukulele hanger, so that I we could hang both ukuleles on the wall. They would be out of the way, but also in plain sight and easy to get to. The ukulele holder was easy to make (I used mostly materials I had) and it looks pretty good too. It’s sits over the TV so the ukuleles are always in view.

The result? I now play my ukulele not only once a day, but in most cases several times a day. It is so easy to pull it off the rack and play a few chords or a couple songs, that I do it every chance I get. I highly recommend it.

Learn Ukulele: Tips

I had an ukulele lesson today, and was able to learn some things I thought were very important. Since I had mostly been playing and learning the ukulele by myself (and struggling), the things that I learned were pretty helpful.

So here they are:

1. Play slow.

When you are first learning a new song you don’t necessarily have to play at the same tempo as the song. Trying to do so, while also learning the chords and singing the song, was really difficult. It was much easier to sing and play together when you slow it down. However, it is actually harder to play slow and keep a constant beat.

2. Take baby steps.

If you are like me and are having trouble singing and playing at the same time, then work on mastering sections rather than trying to do the entire song. If I can focus on just a small section then I can do it over and over again in rapid succession. This makes it easier to get good and also makes the following sections much easier.

This also goes for playing and singing together. If you learn to play confidently first, then singing along will be easier.

3. Learn the beat.

Learning just the chords isn’t enough if you don’t know where they go and the beat of the song. Play them as if you are playing the song in your head. Just playing through the chords is helpful, but it is much better to match them to the specific number of beats they need to be played.

4. Have fun.

This is something that should seem obvious, but make sure not to get too serious. Take breaks and realize that learning the ukulele doesn’t just happen over night. Learning the ukulele takes time. But if you stay with it, it does get easier. The more fun you have the longer you will want to play.


Ukulele For Beginners: Learning the chords

Chords. With out them you really can’t play the ukulele. Learning them however, can be a bit frustrating and even painful. So here are some tips to help you learn ukulele chords a little easier.

First, start with just a few chords. A good way to do this is to choose a song that only has a few chords and practice them over and over. If you are also learning a song, it will be more fun than just playing the chords. Some very common chords are C, F, Am, and G. With those four chords you can play quite a few songs.

The next thing is how long you practice. In the beginning, your hands will get sore pretty fast. Try to keep your practice sessions short. Give both your hands and your mind a little time to rest. Short frequent sessions are much better than long ones. You will actually be able to spend more time practicing this way and will learn quicker.

Don’t rush it. It takes time to learn the ukulele. While it may be easier or more difficult for different people, it takes practice for everyone. Don’t give up. What seems like an impossible way to hold your hand will eventually seem natural with enough practice. If you keep practicing and don’t give up, then you will continue to get better.

For chord practice you might also want to check out “Uncle Rod’s Ukulele Boot Camp”. It is a free ukulele practice book in pdf format that will help you learn some of the more difficult chords and learn them a long with other chords.

Uncle Rod’s Ukulele Boot Camp

Learning the ukulele should be fun, so if you are getting really frustrated, set it down and give yourself a break. It will be a little easier (and a lot more fun) after you have had a chance to rest.


Learn the Ukulele: It Will Rain by Bruno Mars

For all of you who are looking to learn a new song on the ukulele, here is a video tutorial on how to play “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars on the Ukulele.

This isn’t the easiest of songs, I would say maybe intermediate, but the tutorial is pretty good and if you practice enough, even beginner ukulele players should be able to get it. If this is the first song that you are trying to learn on the ukulele, then I would recommend going with something a little easier. Try this beginner ukulele song.

For all of the ukulele beginners out there, just remember that everything is practice. I can still remember when I first started learning the ukulele, I felt like it was gonna be impossible. I kept going however, and got better and better. What seemed like impossible chords to hit, got easier and easier. Don’t give up.

Here’s the video!

Not For Ukulele For Beginners: The Orchestra of Great Britain

When most people think of the ukulele we think of a happy island type song in the traditional Hawaiian style. Well the ukulele can also be used for just about any other kind of music as well.

While the below video definitely isn’t a beginner ukulele song, it is still a lot of fun. “Smells like teen spirit” played by The Orchestra of Great Britain.



Learn Ukulele: Chords for ukulele beginners

You just got your first ukulele (if you haven’t, then check here: ukulele for beginners). Now you want to learn some basic chords to get you playing. Here is a great video that shows you basic ukulele chords.

Once you have mastered these chords you will be able to play most modern songs. You will be surprised at how many songs use the same popular chords.

Here are some other popular posts:

Ukulele For Beginners: Ukulele Tutorials

You’ve bought your ukulele (if you haven’t go here: buy ukulele), been practicing your strumming and chords and now you are ready to try and play some songs. Good For you! So now where do you find some good tutorials.

Like many “how to” videos, You Tube is the place of choice. If you type in the song name along with “ukulele tutorial” you will find a ton of different videos for just about any song. Give it a try.

However, there are two Ukulele You Tube Channels that I would like to recommend for ukulele beginners.

The first is Musicteacher2010. His videos are top notch and very well taught. He also puts the chords right up on the screen so you can play along with him and sing the song. He also goes at just the right speed and his voice is very easy to listen to. A great teacher. (I think the below video was made before he changed his You Tube name).

The second is Krankthat22. As I write this he currently has a total of 94 videos. He focuses mostly on hit songs. His songs are also pretty simple and he puts tabs in the description so you know exactly what to play.

So check the out and find a song you like. If this is your first song then I recommend that you choose something simple.

Learn Ukulele

Maybe you watched an ukulele video on YouTube, went to Hawaii, or you want to play an instrument and decided to learn ukulele. The ukulele is an easy and VERY fun instrument to learn. There are difficult chords and songs, but I was able to play my first song after about an hour of practice. Was I any good? No, but I could play well enough to sing a long and for others to make out the song.

So, now that you are ready to learn the Ukulele where how do you get started.

Buy an Ukulele

Without one it is pretty difficult to play. Cheap ukuleles will generally start around $20-$30, but you will probably want to stay away from those. They won’t sound good and might put you off playing. You want something decent enough that it will sound good when you play it. You can get a pretty good ukulele for around $75-$200 dollars. The two below links should help you choose the best ukulele for beginners: Buy Ukulele and Ukulele Brands.

Buy an Ukulele Tuner

Your ukulele just won’t sound right if it is out of tune. If you have a lot of experience with music and instruments then you might be able to tune it by ear. I had no experience, so I definitely needed the tuner. You can find them on ebay for around $10-$20 or at your local music shop. It doesn’t need to be anything super fancy. I actually have a program called clear tune that works just fine. and I think only cost me about $1.99. Some stores will include a tuner when you buy an ukulele so always check that first.

Ukulele For Beginners

Learn the ukulele basics. Learn how to hold the ukulele, how to strum it, and how to pick it. Check out this article for beginner ukulele videos: beginner ukulele

Choose a song

Of course you can just practice chords and finger picking, but I think that playing a song is much funner. That is the reason we want to learn the ukulele right? The first song I learned was E Huli Makou, which primarily only has 3 chords except for the last section. The fact that it was simple made it easy and fun to play. Which meant I kept at it and got better.

But it doesn’t have to be that song. A lot of songs are only a couple chords. Do a search on YouTube for the songs you like and add “ukulele” in your search. You will be surprised what’s available.

Good Luck!

5 Reasons to Buy an Ukulele

Everyone loves the ukulele


I originally started Buy Ukulele For Beginners because I love to play the ukulele. I originally started playing because I had an ukulele in the house, and I was constantly attending various hula and ukulele events. I had been playing the sanshin (a traditional Okinawan instrument) for about two years, but wanted something that could play a little more standard music. The ukulele is small and very universal in what it can play. Since I have started playing the ukulele I have noticed some cool benefits. So I want to talk about 5 reasons you should buy an ukulele.

1. Cheap Ukuleles- Maybe you have been wanting to get into playing music for a long time, but never did because of the investment required. While I don’t necessarily recommend it, beginner ukuleles can be picked up for about $20. It won’t have the best sound, but it still lets you get started for almost nothing. Check out this guide on buying an ukulele.

2. Easy to learn- Ukulele only has 4 strings compared to a guitars six, and a lot of songs can be played with just three or four chords. I was able to play my first song after just an hour of practice. I didn’t hit all of the chords right every time, but how many instruments can you play after just an hour. Since I could play and sing along so soon, it meant that I was having fun. This meant I continued to play and get better. You can even find ukuleles lessons online.

3. Ukuleles are small- Because of there size you can play them anywhere. You can play while you watch TV or throw it in your car to take to the beach or the park. It’s easy to store anywhere, but since it’s so small, you can actually leave it out so it gets played more often. Have small hands? There is an ukulele for sale for you? Have large hands? Don’t worry, there is an ukulele available for you as well. Ukulele are also great for kids. Kids ukuleles are generally even less than regular ukuleles.

4. Anything can be played on the ukulele- Having played an instrument with a very particular sound, I realized how important this is. The ukulele is perfect for Hawaiian music, but it can also play just about anything else. If you can play it on the guitar, then you can play it on the ukulele. In addition, there are a lot of different types of ukuleles for sale. From traditional sounding ukuleles that are great for Hawaiian music, to baritone ukuleles which are tuned like a guitar. You can buy an ukulele to suite your tastes.

5. It makes people smile- I am a beginner, but I have had the chance to play in front of people and even with professionals. Everyone just loves to listen and to play. I think it’s because an ukulele is a little more light-hearted than a guitar or some other instruments. People are also surprised to see someone play the ukulele. We see a lot of performers playing the guitar, but it is only recently we are seeing people play the ukulele. People like it and it brings a smile to their face every time.