Ukulele Tutorial: 4 Chords

The reason that I started learning the ukulele was because I wanted to be able to sing and play actual songs. To be honest, I didn’t really know that much about music when I first started, but my image was that I would have to learn many chords just to play one song.

While this may be true for some songs, most just require a couple or chords. The first song that I learned was “I’m Your’s” and that only required 4 chords. As it turns out, a lot of songs only need a few chords. The below video teaches you a bunch of songs that only need 4 chords to play .

The songs in the video are:

  • Where is the Love?
  • Superman
  • She Will Be Loved?
  • Collide
  • No One
  • I’m Yours

Once you learn the chords and the strums, make sure that you spend a lot of time practicing. Finding the chords and switching in between them may seem difficult at first, but as you play more and more your fingers will start finding the chords all by themselves. Also, remember to take small breaks in between your practicing. It will help you stay more relaxed and less frustrated in the beginning.

Ukulele For Beginners: Solid Wood Ukuleles

This last Christmas I bought three brand new ukulele for beginners. Two of them were laminates and one was a solid wood ukulele. The idea is that the solid wood ukulele is supposed to sound better over time, but also requires a little more care in regards to humidity. As it turns out, this is definitely the case. Now that I have had a little experience with solid wood, I think I have to recommend the laminate ukulele as the best ukulele for beginners if you are in either a very dry or very humid environment.

In my case, the ukulele went from very dry (California winter) to very wet (tropical island off Japan). I used a humidifier when in the US, but after a couple of months back here, the wood is starting to distort. The laminate that has been by it’s side the entire time is still perfectly fine. 

I might have been able to prevent this, had I known a little more about taking care of ukuleles, but as this site says “ukulele for beginners”, I am a beginner.  I had heard that this could happen, but most people said that it usually happened in really dry areas. Having talked to the local music shop here, the owner says he gets a lot of guitars that have to be fixed for exactly that same problem.

So if you live in a dry environement or one that is really humid, and don’t want to have to worry to much about taking care of your ukulele, then I recommend that you go with a laminate ukulele. In addition to requiring less maintanence, they also cost less. So not only are you saving time, yuou are also saving money as well. I have even heard many people say that the new laminates sound just as good or at least very close as the solid ukuleles. 

Learn Ukulele: Chords for ukulele beginners

You just got your first ukulele (if you haven’t, then check here: ukulele for beginners). Now you want to learn some basic chords to get you playing. Here is a great video that shows you basic ukulele chords.

Once you have mastered these chords you will be able to play most modern songs. You will be surprised at how many songs use the same popular chords.

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Beginner Ukulele Song: “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”

This last Christmas I bought my wife a new ukulele. Her first ukulele was a really cheap ukulele she got out of a catalogue, so this is her first real ukulele. She loves it and it is a really beautiful ukulele. However, the thing I want to talk about is the little instruction manual that came with it.

It is just a fold out, but it had finger positions and a couple of Ukulele songs for beginners. The one that she started learning was “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”. I was very impressed, because after just a few minutes she was able to start playing and start singing. The other great thing about this song is that it is a lot of fun to sing.

So here is a video on how to learn “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” on the ukulele.

If you still haven’t purchased yourself an ukulele please check out these links:



Beginner Ukulele

The first time I picked up an ukulele and tried to play, it felt like I was using my hands for the first time. My fingers would constantly get tangled in the strings and doing a “smooth” strum was near impossible. In the end, all it really took was practice, but it is also good to have help. I was lucky enough to have a lot of people around me who already played the ukulele and were happy to give me pointers. However, I also used online resources quite a bit.

If you still need to buy an ukulele then please check out this page: BUY UKULELE or this page on Ukulele Brands.

If you have your ukulele in hand and are ready to start playing, then continue on.

There are literally thousands of ukulele tutorials and videos on everything from how to hold your ukulele (that wasn’t natural for me either) to how to strum and pick the ukulele.

The key to all of the information online is you. You need to put in the practice time to improve. It doesn’t matter how well you understand a technique, if you don’t practice you won’t get any better.  If you really want to learn the ukulele you need to practice, practice, practice….Did I mention practice?

Okay, so let’s start with some beginner ukulele videos

How to hold the ukulele

How to strum the ukulele, read tabs, and mute/chuck

Basic Finger Picking

These are some of the basic videos that are really helpful. Get playing and please leave any tips or comments you have in the comment section below.