Ukulele For Beginners: Ukulele Tutorials

You’ve bought your ukulele (if you haven’t go here: buy ukulele), been practicing your strumming and chords and now you are ready to try and play some songs. Good For you! So now where do you find some good tutorials.

Like many “how to” videos, You Tube is the place of choice. If you type in the song name along with “ukulele tutorial” you will find a ton of different videos for just about any song. Give it a try.

However, there are two Ukulele You Tube Channels that I would like to recommend for ukulele beginners.

The first is Musicteacher2010. His videos are top notch and very well taught. He also puts the chords right up on the screen so you can play along with him and sing the song. He also goes at just the right speed and his voice is very easy to listen to. A great teacher. (I think the below video was made before he changed his You Tube name).

The second is Krankthat22. As I write this he currently has a total of 94 videos. He focuses mostly on hit songs. His songs are also pretty simple and he puts tabs in the description so you know exactly what to play.

So check the out and find a song you like. If this is your first song then I recommend that you choose something simple.