Beginner Ukulele

The first time I picked up an ukulele and tried to play, it felt like I was using my hands for the first time. My fingers would constantly get tangled in the strings and doing a “smooth” strum was near impossible. In the end, all it really took was practice, but it is also good to have help. I was lucky enough to have a lot of people around me who already played the ukulele and were happy to give me pointers. However, I also used online resources quite a bit.

If you still need to buy an ukulele then please check out this page: BUY UKULELE or this page on Ukulele Brands.

If you have your ukulele in hand and are ready to start playing, then continue on.

There are literally thousands of ukulele tutorials and videos on everything from how to hold your ukulele (that wasn’t natural for me either) to how to strum and pick the ukulele.

The key to all of the information online is you. You need to put in the practice time to improve. It doesn’t matter how well you understand a technique, if you don’t practice you won’t get any better.  If you really want to learn the ukulele you need to practice, practice, practice….Did I mention practice?

Okay, so let’s start with some beginner ukulele videos

How to hold the ukulele

How to strum the ukulele, read tabs, and mute/chuck

Basic Finger Picking

These are some of the basic videos that are really helpful. Get playing and please leave any tips or comments you have in the comment section below.