Cheap Ukuleles

When it comes to choosing a cheapĀ ukulele for beginners (or just about anything else) you get what you pay for. Middle of the line is usually pretty good. However, when it comes to ukuleles the price difference can be pretty extreme. It can be hard to tell where the middle of the line really is.

A quick search on Ebay will show that the cheapest ukulele starts at around $10 plus shipping while the most expensive is selling for $6,500 plus shipping. That is 650 times more expensive than the cheapest one. Decent ukuleles start around $60 and up, and a lot of people recommend ukuleles near the $100 mark. That’s a big difference.

The price point of cheap ukuleles can make them very tempting. And for someone who isn’t really serious and just wants to play around a little, they are probably okay. For those of you who are actually interested in making music, you want something that will sound good. The below video discusses why you don’t want a cheap ukulele and compares two different ukuleles. One is a cheap Mahalo that can be picked up for about $20-$30. The other is a Japanese ukulele brand called Famous and runs from around $80-$150.