Ukulele For Beginners

Welcome to Buy Ukulele for Beginners. This site is is all about how to learn to play the ukulele and everything that goes a long with that. I realize there is a lot to learn when you first start learning the ukulele and it can all be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of questions, and making the wrong decision can take away from the fun.When you buy an ukulele should you get the cheapest one or the most expensive. What are the different types of ukuleles? Should you choose a song you like or start with something simple and work your way up? Where can you find instruction, learn ukulele chords and strums, learn to tune the ukulele, and find ukulele music?

I will writing about all of these things! But today I want to talk about how to choose an ukulele for beginners. Not all ukuleles are the same. I found this out the hard way.

So let’s talk about the types of ukuleles for sale. There are 4 main types: The soprano, the concert, the tenor, and the baritone.

The soprano is the smallest ukulele and is the one you most often see available for sale is regular stores or as toys. It has a traditional sound. This is what many beginners end up with because of the number of cheap sopranos on the market Since it is the smallest it tends to work good for women and kids and people with small hands. I don’t have big hands, but I found the soprano was difficult to play for me.

The concert Ukulele is a little larger than the soprano and tends to have a littler “larger” sound. It also tends to have a more traditional sound. However, if you have large hands this may still not be the ukulele for you.

The Tenor Ukulele is probably the most common one for pros and is larger than the concert ukulele. However, it does tend to have a little less of a traditional sound. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the type of music you want to play.

Lastly, the Baritone ukulele is the largest ukulele and is tuned different from the others. Basically it is tuned like the bottom four strings of a guitar. Because of this, it tends to have more or a guitar type sound.

So now that you have chosen which Ukulele to get, how much should you spend. It really depends on your commitment. If you aren’t sure or aren’t serious, I would say pick up a cheap one and play around with it. You can probably find one on Ebay for around $20. It will sound like crap, but it will give you an idea of whether or not you will continue. If you don’t stick with it you are only out $20.

If you think you will continue, then you will probably need to fork out at least around $100 to $150 for a pretty decent one. They also go way beyond this as well

Having started with a $30 Mahalo cheapie (basically a cheap kids ukulele), I was amazed at how much easier and better I could play on a decent one. It made playing much more fun and my fingers and hands didn’t get as tired playing.

Lastly, if you have a store near you, go check them out. Choose the one that fits your hands best and gives you the best sound.